Pre-Op Instructions

Congratulations on your upcoming bariatric surgery! We understand that you may have many questions. While the pre-op information below is intended to be a detailed overview of expectations and general guidelines, specific instructions are always subject to change based on the individual patient’s health history, procedure and goals.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your surgeon or one of our experienced medical staff to discuss questions or concerns you may have. Whether you’ve already scheduled your procedure and are preparing for your upcoming treatment or you’re simply curious about the preparation entails, we hope that these guidelines will give you a clear overview of our general pre-op requirements.


Starting two weeks before your scheduled surgery, you will begin a low calorie diet. The most important reason for this is because a low calorie diet will shrink your liver and make the operation easier on both patient and surgeon. Additionally, patients who lose more weight before their procedure typically have fewer complications post-surgery.

A sample of your pre-op diet may look like this:
  • Breakfast: One protein drink
  • Lunch: One protein drink
  • Dinner: A sensible, health-conscious dinner that includes vegetables. Any portion of meat should be no larger than your fist.
Additionally, your pre-op protein drinks should have the following nutrients:
  • At least 20 grams of protein per scoop or serving
  • Less than 7 grams of carbohydrates or sugar per scoop or serving
  • Less than 5 grams of fat per scoop or serving
Examples of ideal protein drinks include:
  • Premier
  • EAS Myoplex Low Carb/Lite
  • Slim-Fast High Protein/Low Carb
  • Lactose-free examples include Isopure, Nectar, Boost Glucose Control, Muscle Milk Light and Boost Glucose Control

Preparing For Surgery

There are several ways in which you can prepare yourself for your upcoming procedure and to ensure a stress-free environment upon your return home.
Here are some tips to consider:
  • Ensure that your house is clean so you won’t be burdened by housework in the first two weeks after your treatment. If you live alone, consider hiring a house-cleaning service to ensure your home is tidy until you’ve been cleared to take on chores.
  • Go grocery shopping ahead of time and don’t forget your family! If you’re the cook, make some portioned freezer meals for your spouse and/or children. Even having a supply of important ingredients, amenities and toiletries ahead of time will give you additional peace of mind.
  • Get into the habit of walking several times per week about a month or so before your scheduled surgery. This will help prepare your body and lungs for any stress incurred during the procedure and will help you begin implementing regular activity into your lifestyle.
  • Your physician will review your medications with you ahead of time. They will advise which medicines to stop taking and which to take. Certain medications that you may be asked to stop could include blood pressure medicine, diabetes medicine and aspirin.
  • It is important to note that, in the first two weeks after your procedure, you will be home most of the time. Be sure that you have things to keep you occupied as you recover. Consider downloading some new games to your tablet or mobile device or purchasing some puzzle books or novels ahead of time.
  • After surgery, it will be imperative to take an assertive role in your life and stay active – With regular check-ins and clearances from your surgeon, of course! To get into the habit of movement before your surgery, be sure to get up and move around, use the bathroom, prepare your own food and refill your water bottle. Please note, however, that you should not be doing any heavy lifting (we advise nothing heavier than a gallon of milk) for six weeks post-procedure.

The Day of Surgery

  • After midnight, do not eat any food or drink your protein drinks. If you do, Lumin Bariatric Weight Loss will postpone or cancel your surgery. We take every precaution to ensure our patients’ wellbeing and the pre-operative fast is essential for your safety!
  • Please note that certain liquids are allowed up until 3 hours before surgery. Patients who drink liquids on the day of their surgery are generally less thirsty, less anxious and experience less post-operative nausea. These approved liquids include:
  • Gatorade
  • Powerade
  • Apple Juice (pulp-free)
  • Cranberry Juice (pulp-free)
  • Grape Juice (pulp-free)
  • Boost Breeze
  • Enlive
  • Resource Fruit Beverage
  • Once you reach 3 hours before your surgery, you must not eat or drink anything. This will usually be the approximate time you check into the hospital.
  • Here are some examples for an ideal pre-surgery schedule. Feel free to adjust to your own surgery and consider hospital drive times at those hours.
  • Your surgery is scheduled for 7 A.M. tomorrow morning. You may have a sensible meal tonight and vegetables before bed if you are hungry. Wake up at 3:30 A.M so you arrive at 5 A.M. . You may drink Enlive up until 4 A.M. and cannot eat or drink anything after that time.
  • Your surgery is scheduled for 2 A.M. tomorrow morning. You may have a sensible meal tonight and vegetables before bed if you are hungry. The hospital asks you to arrive at 11 P.M. You may drink Resource Fruit Beverage after you wake up and all day until 11 P.M. and cannot eat or drink anything after that time.
We hope that these guidelines provide some clarity on what to expect in the weeks and days prior to your surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your surgeon or one of Lumin Bariatric’s licensed medical staff. We look forward to helping you on your journey to health and wellbeing!

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