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Distance should not hinder you from receiving the innovative, patient-centric treatment you deserve. Lumin Bariatric Weight Loss works with many out-of-town patients seeking exceptional care and long-term results from our highly-acclaimed bariatric surgeons.

Our team of physicians and practitioners is fully committed to providing a convenient, safe and positive experience for each of our patients. If you are traveling to the Dallas–Fort Worth area for a bariatric procedure at our state-of-the-art surgical center, here are a few important pointers worth consideration:

Scheduling Bariatric Surgery

For out-of-town patients considering bariatric surgery, we are often able to conduct nearly all consultations and exams from afar in conjunction with your primary care physician. Much of your care can be completed safely and conveniently via video and telephone conferencing.

Once you are a confirmed candidate for bariatric surgery, it is important to schedule your procedure for a time when you will be able to take an adequate amount of time away from your everyday routine, including any work commitments.

Traveling patients must account for travel time, in-person consultation time and post-surgery recuperation, as well as the actual surgical process. Discuss potential plans with your employer and family before confirming the date of your bariatric procedure. Please see our FAQ page for more information on how long you should expect to be off work. It is also important to coordinate dates with whoever will accompany you to your surgery and provide primary support as you recover.

If you have not seen your surgeon in person yet, you will be asked to arrive the day before for an in-person consultation before your actual procedure. Work with them to develop a schedule that will fit your needs and commitments, so you may plan these visits during the same trip as your surgery. We do request that patients coming from out-of-state arrive at least 24 hours before their scheduled procedure. Flights or long-distance drives involving prolonged immobility heighten the risk of developing blood clots during surgery.

By waiting 24 hours after you arrive in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you eradicate this unnecessary risk. We suggest that, if flying, you purchase a ticket that allows you to change your return date if necessary. Additionally, you will be unable to drive yourself after surgery due to narcotic medications administered during and after the procedure. If you are driving home, or even to the airport, you will need to arrange for your traveling companion to do all driving for you.

At Lumin Bariatric Weight loss, we are dedicated to helping you obtain the care you need with ease and efficiency. The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex features all the same amenities as any other large metropolitan area and can be accessed without difficulty from almost any region. We are happy to assist you in whatever way possible as you make necessary travel and lodging arrangements.


Allow a generous amount of time post-surgery to rest and recover. The majority of bariatric surgeries require at least a few days of intensive recuperation. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding when you may or may not travel. Though it is generally safe to travel after bariatric surgery, it is not comfortable for the first several days. When a car hits a bump in the road or an airplane has turbulence, it can cause abdominal pain.

Additionally, airports typically require extended amounts of walking that may be difficult after surgery. If you are deemed safe to fly, call the airline before your flight and explain your plans. Many airports can provide wheelchair service, but some airlines may ask that a doctor verify your stability before allowing you to travel.

If your home is a long way from Dallas, we highly recommend staying in a hotel close to the hospital for at least 3 nights. While this is not mandatory, most patients feel significant improvement on the fourth day after surgery and are then able to travel by car or plane much more comfortably. During your post-surgery trip, keep your medication close at hand to manage any pain or nausea. Here are a few additional tips to help ensure a safe, seamless trip home:

  • If flying, call the airline ahead of time to confirm what documentation you will need in order to have your medication and protein drinks on hand. Your airline may require a written letter from your surgeon to allow you to bring medication and protein drinks onto your flight. It is essential to carry a 48-hour supply with you as carry-on. Keep your surgeon’s letter with you at all times while traveling and at the airport.
  • Bring an empty water bottle to fill up as soon as you get through security to continually sip on and avoid dehydration.
  • Print a list of “warning signs” your doctor has told you to look out for and carefully monitor your physical state. Calling your surgeon right away if any concerns arise!
  • Choose loose-fitting clothes and use items such as seat cushions or pillows to make your return trip as comfortable as possible.
  • Travel does increase the risk of blood clots before and after surgery. It is extremely important to walk for 5 minutes at least every hour, whether you stop the car and take a quick walk each hour or you get out of your airplane seat and walk the aisle for 5 minutes. Do not add up walking times, such as walking 15 minutes every 3 hours. If your return trip is very long, your surgeon may give you a blood-thinning medication.
  • Remember that you will be under extremely strict dietary guidelines, so make sure to have approved nourishment readily available. This includes your protein drinks. Also, be sure to keep water with you at all times.

When the time arrives after your surgery to head home, don’t be afraid to cancel or postpone your return trip if you feel physically, mentally or emotionally unstable. Travel can be stressful, even if a companion is prepared to handle logistics. Your health and wellbeing should be the first priority, especially if something doesn’t feel right or a potential complication arises.

If you have any questions or concerns about the out-of-town patient process, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We are committed to helping you through the surgery process and strive to help you achieve a happy, healthy life unhindered by excess weight!

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