Hernia Surgery

Painful, uncomfortable hernias can often be debilitating. Once a hernia has occurred, surgery is the only method for repairing the damaged area.

While Lumin Bariatric provides both minimally invasive laparoscopic repairs as well as traditional open procedures for a variety of hernias, many can typically be treated with our advanced minimally invasive techniques.

Laparoscopic procedures use tiny incisions, generally leading to less pain, less scarring, less trauma to surrounding areas and shortened recovery times.

Some of our standard hernia procedures include:

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These hernias occur in the groin area and happen when soft tissue bulges through a weakened section of the abdominal muscles.

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When an area of tissue bulges through a weakened section of the abdominal wall, it is known as a ventral hernia. Oftentimes these can also be called post surgical hernias because they frequently form at the site of past surgical incisions, where the skin is thinner.

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While less than 5% of all hernias are femoral, these occur when a section of tissue pushes through the wall of the femoral canal – Located just below the inguinal ligament. It oftentimes appears as a bulge around the groin or thigh.

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This condition frequently appears in infants, though it can occur at all ages. This type of hernia happens when the intestine or fatty tissue pushes through the abdominal muscles, causing a bulge near the belly button.

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Intestinal Hernia

These hernias happen when an internal organ protrudes through a weakened area of tissue and can obstruct the bowel, causing intense pain and discomfort.

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We encourage all patients to bring their CT scans, if available, to their consultation so our team of medical experts can determine the best course of treatment. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment and get relief from your hernia as soon as possible.

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